How can I upgrade my Grammarly Account to the Premium version?

Published on: 22-Apr 05:13pm

Rutchel Quinte

Published on - 22-Apr 05:13pm

If you have already registered your AdDU email address but are using the free version, please remove your free account first (refer to delete grammarly account section).

Then, go to and sign in with your ADDU email address by selecting the "Sign in with Google" option, as indicated in the screenshot below.

Delete your Grammarly account Note: Deleting your account will remove your personal information from Grammarly, including any documents that you have saved in the Grammarly Editor. This action cannot be undone. 

If you would like to delete your free Grammarly account on a desktop computer or your mobile device, see the instructions below:

  1. Log into your Grammarly account
  2. Select theAccount tab to the left
  3. Click the Delete Account button on the page that opens next

These instructions are the same for all sign-in methods. However, depending on your sign-in option, you might need to complete an additional verification step. For example, if you registered using the email and password method, Grammarly will ask you to provide your password to confirm the action.

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