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Rutchel Quinte

Published on - 26-Apr 11:28am


MyLegalWhiz is a trusted online legal research and services technology for legal professionals, educators, students, businesses.

Following features are:

Cases - in the Cases tab, you’ll be able to access our database of jurisprudence from 1901 to the present. Laws and administrative issuances can likewise be searched.

Keywords - in the Keywords tab, you’ll find terms or doctrines that are linked to filtered/curated cases that directly discuss them.

Knowledge - in the Knowledge tab, you’ll be able to access our Legal Encylopedia where doctrines, legal terms, and principles are discussed with relevant case and/or law citations.

Forms - in the Forms tab, you’ll be to access our suite of downloadable legal and business forms.

LEA - stands for "legal engineer assistant." She is your personal legal assistant who helps in legal research including doing case summaries and drafting of legal and business form templates.

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